Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Elfstones of Shannara Part 3

Alright, so I survived my second terry brooks novel, as I stated in my previous posts on this volume, I'd never heard anything about brooks that wasn't negative, and while I didn't find all of those to be accurate upon actually reading his works, quite a few were.

Its definitely a fun journey, taking you from Arborlon to Storlock and all the way south to the Hollows before back to Arborlon, for one doozey of a slap to the face ending for the characters of the book. Much like Brooks set up the character of Lauren as the apparent main character for the book, and then slaughtered the hapless elf 4 chapters in, He runs a grueling death toll on the characters in this volume. Where as in Sword, lots of characters were introduced but no one really died until the end, In Elfstones characters died left and right, and one character who you would feel almost certain would survive, marry the hero and go on to have like a bajillion babies with him.. well.. Its really cold but also adds a nice bit of depth to the world of Shananra, which if I were to say Middle Earth's History ran deep, Shannara's is only a few hundred yards away from being non existent. But its improving. As is Brook's writing ability.

I am a few chapters into the 3rd volume " The Wishsongs of Shannara " now, and the writing is definitely better.

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