Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Elfstones of Shannara, Part Two

well I'm now halfway through the book, and I've noted several more instances of creeping Tolkien "Borrowing" in the book.. Mostly the Pykon's are a bland knock off of the Argonath scene in Fellowship..

I've got to stress again its pointless for Brooks to continue referring to the elves as elves.. as they seem to have nothing about them which differentiates them from humans. they are neither immortal, beautiful or excel at anything to a great degree due to having limitless time to study it. They seem to be nothing more than slightly more magical humans.. albeit who seem to have a gene for curly blond hair. I'd have named them Cherubs instead of Elves.. And it would have added new possibilities for their war with the Demons, both the one in the past and the looming one in this book.

The series is still not the worst Fantasy I've ever read.. but its very much the equivalent to epic fantasy that Lin Carter's Thongor is to Sword and Sorcery.. Well meaning, and love of subject, doesn't always equate to talent. But it sometimes is still fun.

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