Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ok, so I'm not what you might call the most balanced human being on the planet.. I'm really really opinionated and when your opinion doesn't jibe with my opinion, well then your just sol buddy cause I have no time for compromise.

Which brings me to the point of this post. This News Story courtesy of the AP, about a 4 year old in Texas who has been suspended cause their hair is long.. Whats this you ask.. Suspended because of having long hair? yes.. well had Taylor been born a girl, everyone would no doubt be fawning over Taylor's beautiful hair. But Nature decided to make him a him, which means hes not allowed personal choice in his hair styles, It's a mans life in the army, etc etc, High and Tight, Crew, Buzz, Bowl, anything so long as hair doesn't touch a males ears seems to be ok..

But this little boy has been suspended, can't spend time with his friends and is basically being subjected to what is nothing more than sexism. He's hardly oppressing anyone either, despite being a white male, so you can keep that crap to yourselves.

I want to know what the school district would do were a Sikh family to move in.. where the boys are not allowed by their religion to cut their hair.

Having myself been subjected to this for most of my life, and having been forced to get my share of haircuts when I didn't want them. I've been turned down for jobs and threatened with dismissal from jobs over the length of my hair. I keep it clean, I keep it pulled back, I keep it neat and tidy. But no doesn't matter. Men aren't allowed to have long hair by today's societal norms in the US. Even though if one takes a gander at our Founding Fathers.. they almost all have pony tails. The pillar of one of earths major religion and the religion of choice of at least 80% of Americans.. Jesus.. Has long hair.

so in honor of Taylor Pugh,

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