Monday, December 28, 2009

Wishsong of Shannara, Shannara #3

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Well i've found my favorite terry brooks character so far, Slanter the Gnome.. perhaps an unfortunate name given the gnomes in the Shannara series have a great deal in common with persons of Asian descent.. Not inferring anything it probably never even crossed his mind. But Slanter is a great character, I wish that he hadn't been bogged down with worthless characters like.. say.. Jair Ohmsford, who served as more or less nothing but a plot device to redeem Slanter. I easly finished this volume in a much shorter time period than the first two, Its worked that way so far. Volume #1, the weakest of the 3 so far took the longest to read.. the second book was stronger than the first so took about half as long to read.. or about a week compared to the 2 weeks Sword took.. Wishsong took a weekend, it was fast paced, and tight in its story telling, it suffered from the obvious sexual tension between Ronne Leah and Brin Ohmsford.. But it shows that Brooks is slowly learning how to tell a more human story.

Up next will be the short story Indomitable which serves as an Epilogue to Wishsong and to the Sword trilogy as a whole... depending on how good that is, I may or may not get Darkwraith of Shannara the Graphic Novel.

first two novels of 2010 will be Sharpe's Tiger and Dune

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