Friday, December 11, 2009

Master of Horror

right, so, been watching a lot of John Carpenter movies lately. over the last week I've watched in no real order

The Thing
Prince of Darkness
the mouth of Madness
They Live
Big Trouble in Little China
And Both of the Escape movies..

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I've not gotten a copy of Halloween yet, I'm not really much of a slasher movie fan.. but I am thinking about making an exception for this one because it is the original Slasher movie. And their are a few others I still need to find as well, The Fog, Starman and the Original Assault on Precinct 13, so when I acquire and view these will do mini reviews of them as well.

I liked the thing, it has some amazingly grotesque special effects and a good storyline. Prince of Darkness had some fairly bogus special effects but had a better storyline than The Thing did. But its cast wasn't as strong. The Mouth of Madness had a good cast and a good story, All three are very lovecraftian.. They Live has some great lines and some great moments of dark comedy.. and Big Trouble in little china is a fantastically funny movie. Vampires I didn't really like as much.. despite James Woods being great in it.. and the Escape movies are while not equally balanced in their goodness.. are both pretty darn good.. Snake is the perfect example of Antihero..

Another really good bit about John Carpenter films is.. John Carpenter Music!

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