Thursday, February 11, 2010

Adventures in Food.

I went to Cost plus World Market on Wednesday as well, I got some UK eatables to tide me over until i get to go over again. I got some Rhubarb jam which is lovely. But my friend.. well he got some Vegemite.. Hes a huge fan of Men at Work you see.. and has been curious about the stuff for years.. I being the idiot that I am.. agreed to eat some of it..

So we came back to my place and I made some buttered toast and a pot of tea.. He ate the stuff while I was out of the room.. so I didn't get to see his reaction.. I didn't have very high expectations due to not liking Marmite in the UK..

I thought from the ingredients that it would be a bit more beerish.. sweet and malty like Guinness Jam almost.. But It wasn't. needless to say from all this blather.. Vegimite is not near the top of list of things I wish to eat again. It was way to salty for my taste, but didn't seem to have much else in the way of flavor.. it reminded me of the really cheap margarine you get here in the US which comes in a wheel covered in waxpaper.

No offense to any Australians who are reading this, but you guys can keep that stuff.

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