Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today's Used bookstore haul.

Went to a used book store today, not my normal one but one in a more built up part of the state, and managed to luck up and find several Robert E. Howard's I didn't have.
" The lost valley of Iskandar " and "The Road of Azrael" I also got the 3 volume Bran Mak Morn set from Zebra, with Worms of the Earth by Robert E. Howard, Legion of Shadows by Karl Edward Wagner and For the Witch of the Mists by Smith/Teirney..

I also got the 3 volume hardback set of "Memory, Sorrow and Thorn " by Tad Williams all in first edition hardbacks.

All of that for less than 30$ and I consider it a really good day.


Brian Murphy said...

Very nice haul... anything by Wagner is quite rare, and will be until the family decides to allow new editions.

Lagomorph Rex said...

Thanks for the comment!

Normally I don't come away with very much from these sorts of shops, I've bought most of the 80s/90s stuff that I really wanted and am left scrabbing after the more obscure bits and peices.

I really like Wagners writing even if I don't always like his characters.. so it was a good surprise to find that. Fate was smiling on me I suppose.