Thursday, February 25, 2010

Of lackluster Book sales and an epic Goodwill find. b

I went to a book sale this morning hosted by a local library, I didn't really find a whole lot that I wanted.. just a few more books for my growing collection of dark ages and early middle ages reference works..

But then on a lark I went to a goodwill that I normally avoid, its in a very run down part of town and as a result dosen't often have anything worth mentioning.. well today I was proven wrong.

I managed to snag the whole Thongor series by Lin Carter, the whole Brak Series from John Jakes, the first couple of Kyrik books by Gardner F. Fox, 4 Moorcocks from Daw books, The first 13 GOR novels, Swords against Tommorow, Swords against Darkness IV. and a whole host of other sword and sorcery and sword and planet books from Pocket, Daw and Fawcett and a few of the Ballantine Adult Fantasy anthologies lin carter put together.. that I really haven't sorted out yet.

Best bit was.. and how they could ever consider this.. the cashier rang them all up as Kids books.. I tried to correct her, being the honest sort of chap that I am.. and she said it wasn't worth her time to void it out and re-ring them up.. so I think I got the whole lot for about 36$.

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