Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drunks, their part in my annoyance.

yes, I admit it.. I did steal the idea for that headline from Spike Milligan's War diaries.. " Hitler, my part in his Downfall. " Which is both a funny movie and a funny series of books.

The Point I here you cry, where are you going with this.. what is the point of it all!

so I will try and digress no further, let us go unto the point..

I'm sitting at home, reading a book, when all of a sudden upon my door I hear a knocking.. I wonder who could this be.. its raining and storming and cold and dark.. I go to the door and see my Co worker.. Hes drunk and he's with a whole carload of other drunks.. they want me to go with them.. and help them to set up a Printer..

needless to say this isn't something I'm interested in.. so I make up an excuse not to go, but they don't want to take no for an answer.. they want to stay and talk.. I offer them coffee... but no that's ok.. they brought there own beer! .. Keystone light in a Styrofoam cooler.. my thought is immediate.. I wish them to leave.. But how is the question.. as they all begin to consume more beer in my driveway.. they won't leave till i tell them how to hook up their printer..

So dutifully I come inside, find my old 1gb jump drive I'd bought 5 years ago.. and download the drivers for the printer.. and give it over.. telling them to plug it in.. and do what the prompts on the software say to do. they seem to take that ok, but want to know if its that I want money to do it.. i say no.. I don't, though I suppose I could charge them what the Geek Squad does to hook up a printer.. but I have morals and so couldn't do that.

To skip to the end, after nearly 45 minutes of drunken rambling from them.. I convinced them to leave.. Not a good way to end a perfectly good Tuesday evening.. and will certainly make Wednesday awkward.. But at least they gave me something to write about on here...

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