Tuesday, February 16, 2010

El-Borak and Other desert adventures.

This was released on February 9th, but I didn't get paid till the 12th so had to put off buying it till then.. I went hunting it last night at Borders due to having a 33% off coupon.. I went to borders and they had no copies.. what a surprise.. borders never has what I want when I have a coupon.. so I had them check to see if any other Borders in the area had it.. and apparently none of them did.. it showed up in their computers but wasn't on automatic distribution.. so if I wanted it from them I'd have to order it.. I considered it, until they said I couldn't use my coupon.. if I'm going to order it I might as well just use Amazon..

On my way out of town I stopped by Barnes&Nobel and they had one copy, apparently its not on automatic distribution there either and some one had pre-ordered it and then not picked it up..

I've not had any problems finding a copy of any of the previous REH volumes, and with the Solomon Kane movie coming out soon both of these stores has multiple copies of the SK volume..

I'd seen this post over on the Official Conan Forums about the declining sales ranking locations of each volume.. which isn't surprising to me as really each one thats come out has been less recognizable to the average consumer.. But I really hope that these incidences of stores not getting copies is just a regional thing.. I'd hate to sound alarmist but I really like this series of wonderful and brilliant (not to mention affordable) adventures and weird tales to suddenly disappear because they weren't moving enough units to continue the series.

I know how much hard work is put into each and every one of these and it shows.

But I've got it and now all I've got to do is to send off my pre-order for the REH Foundation's companion volume featuring the other chunk of El-Borak stories.

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