Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Club Edition.

I'm excited I just found a good deal on a book online, everything is in order, its got its dust jacket, and then I see it.. "Book Club Edition". My elation destroyed, I move on and find another usually more expensive copy to buy.

But what I really hate, is when I order a book which is listed as the right publisher, year of release and all the information is correct. It simply says " Hardcover " .. and 2 weeks later when it arrives at my house via Media Mail... Its the Book Club Edition!

And then the stupid people I order it from, feign ignorance as if they don't know what the problem is.. it is after all Hardcover.. And I generally just get stuck with it.. occasionally they will offer to let me return it.. but by the time I get done doing that.. my refund will be about 3$ out of the 10$ that I paid for the book. Amazon and the Post office will have the rest of it.

Last week I ordered 7, hardcover books to fill in some gaps in my collection. So far 4 of them have come in and 2 of them have been Book Club Editions, another one was from the UK, so its in a format I've not seen before.. Its bigger than Book Club, but not as big as a regular Hardcover, but at least I knew it was going to be going into it.

So Now I'm having to have back and forth email spats with these people who don't see anything wrong with my products as received. Grrrrr.

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