Saturday, March 20, 2010

King Conan Volume #1 and delays

Just saw that this is up for pre-order, and apart from some confusing Ad copy, I'm very interested in this.

Though I can't help but think that 5 issues is a bit slim to make up the 192 pages this volume is going to contain? or were King Conan issues actually 40 pages a piece?

Just wish Dark Horse would get a move on, by my calculations I'll be nearly 40 before they finish re-printing all the Conan Comics.

I'm also going to apologize for being nearly a week late in posting a new review to my Hyborian Apocrypha blog. I've unfortunately been working a lot of 12 hour days lately and so have been rather pressed for time. this is of course good for the bank account but not that great for the reading time..I hope to remedy this soon however.

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