Friday, March 5, 2010

Interconnectedness in films and television.

Having found out that Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth is to be adapted into a TV series, I went looking for the historical dates that its set in. Its set during "The Anarchy" between the sinking of the white ship and the murder of Thomas Beckett. So I set to thinking what other films and TV series would be set around this same time period. This is of course mainly concerned with England and what its monarchs were doing at the time.

1135-1150 The Brother Cadfael Series from (1994-1998)
1120-1170 The Pillars of the Earth TV Series (2010)
1162-1170 Beckett (1964)
1183 Lion in Winter (1968)
1182-1187 Al Nasser Salah Ad-Din (1963)
1186-1187 Kingdom of Heaven (2005)
119? Robin Hood (2010)
1194 Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe (1997)
1215 Ironclad (2010)

And sort of spaced out through the whole list is
1133-1216 The Devils Crown BBC mini series 1978

The only thing we are really lacking is a specific film set during the 3rd crusade, I think after Robin Hood, Ridley Scott should adapt Walter Scott's The Betrothed and The Talisman.

After this I started looking for what other interconnected Historical dramas their were. And the only other time period I've been able to find thats even better documented (though even less accurate) would be the Julian Dynasty of Rome.

But I'm going to save that list of films/Series for another post.

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