Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Won't you Take me to, Monster town!

Part 3 of my ongoing experiences at the Larp.

My sleep was not to be uninterrupted however, as at 3am those same obnoxious people who I mentioned in part 1, decided that since we had kept them from having their own cabin.. they'd keep us from sleeping at all. Not amused, I did my best to ignore them.. eventually getting up and going back to the tavern about 5am to get a cup of hot water for the Nescafe I'd brought.. No hot water but they had Coffee, and Free to boot. Whats more important is that it was actually GOOD coffee.. which isn't something that usually is combined with " Free ". Had about 3 cups of that and then went over to " Monster town " .. the cabin where they keep all the boffers and tunics for the monsters. All attendees are required to be a monster for at least 2 hours at every event. Since I couldn't sleep i went ahead and got it out of the way. It was the most fun bit of the whole experience.

I was a variety of monsters throughout this time period and was slain many times, got clipped in the nose by a beanbag which wasn't all that much fun. Around 9am I returned to the tavern and had Breakfast, The food was quite good especially when you consider you get 2 waffles, 2 eggs and 2 bacon strips and a fruit juice for 2.50$. They may be trying to get rich on the boffer sales, but not on the food sales. Finishing that I joined a group of people to go on another adventure. Had Lunch about 1pm from stuff I'd brought from home.. and then suddenly wasn't feeling all that hot. Probably lack of sleep and maybe a mild case of dehydration. I went to take a nap and slept till 6pm which is when the weekend " Reset " occurs. This is effectively a 3 hour break for anyone who wants to go get food at a place not the tavern.

Me and my friend left in search of a local establishment of some renown, finding it packed to the gills we decided that it wasn't for us and wound up driving another 11 miles south to the next " Big town " in order to find a waffle house. After that we headed back in time for the reset, put our costumes back on and went to the tavern to await opening of the Saturday night festivities.

The whole thing really was like trying to herd cats though, and I got in a group run by one of the Soldiers from my cabin who 's character is a 9000 year old dark fairy.. or something.. anyway he was a lot of fun, and while chaotic the evening an interesting experience.. at least until I got killed by a black dwarf and wound up having to "leave my body at the healers guild for 8 hours" so since I couldn't play anymore that evening I went to sleep. Since everyone else was busy with the adventure I got a pretty decent nights sleep.

*Retraction, after having actually researched the price of Gaffers tape I've re-evaluated my consideration that those weapons were overpriced. Gaffer tape is anywhere between 20 and 40$ a roll.

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