Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Burried Treasure and the sordid lives of inanimate objects

Recently been going through some boxes of who knows what in my closet.. I'm looking for my Address book.. I hear the kids in the audience ask a resounding "a What?" but I assure you at one time we did indeed write down things like names and addresses on a substance known as paper and sometimes it was even assembled as a book though in a few more years none of you will know what that is either if Amazon has their way..

Anyway, I never did find the address book. Which is unfortunate as its got a few addresses for cousins in the U.K. in it which I don't have written down anyplace else. I'm in the early stages of planning a trip to the UK for September and thought I'd drop some of them a letter to let them know I was coming.. Most of my Cousins are actually older than I am and many of them don't use these new fangled things called "computers" so E-Mail is right out. Thankfully though I've been able to find some of my 3rd cousins via Facebook so not totally out of touch.

Planning a Vacation is so easy, Planning a family oriented trip, is not. Especially if your like me who have something like 5 different branches of family in one place, and none of them talk to each other.. But if I don't at least tell them all I'm coming.. it causes hard feelings.. even if oddly enough.. I'm not supposed to have any towards them when they tell me they don't want to visit with me, but will be sure to dispatch a letter a week after I've gotten home to express how sorry they were it just couldn't be scheduled.

However, In all this searching and mumbling and cursing and moaning about the sordid lives of inanimate objects (I'll bet right this instant my Address book is having drinks with my 1986 Predacon Headstrong thats been missing since 1991 and both are mocking my shoddy organization abilities) I found a few art books I had not remembered I had. One is a Art of Dragonlance.. and another is a "Fantasy Art" Book I must have gotten through a school book fair or something.. they have some pretty interesting prints in them.. Still it didn't do much to improve my mood.

I also found a half empty (or half full...) Bottle of Lismore.. I think I put it away at some point and simply forgot about it..

Maybe I can lure out my alcoholic address book with a tumbler full.. who knows..

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