Monday, March 1, 2010

Lightning bolt! - What a LARP!

well I just got back from what ranks pretty high on my list of worst weekends ever. Following directly on the footsteps of my last post.. from Friday.. I mentioned I was going out of Town.

Well I did, eventually manage too.. Where I was going was to a LARP.. Which stands for Live Action Role Playing.. You can see these sorts of people on Youtube Screaming 'I smite you with a magic Missile' and typically are about the nerdiest of the nerds in my opinion. But I was asked to attend by a friend and not one to let a friend down, attend I did.

The whole thing is held at a state park, and basically you use foam weapons "Boffers" to smack each other with and Beanbags to represent spells.. everyone dresses up in some semblance of a costume.. ranging from the Very Elaborate to the just can't be bothered.. You are supposed to create a character and then stay in that character for the entire weekend.. in order to designate yourself as being out of character You have have on a white headband.. in which case you are a ghost and no one can interact with you. You are encouraged to eat and sleep in character.. even if that means getting woken up at 3am to some goons smacking you with a foam sword.

The weekend was already off to a bad start due to me having to go in on my off day. Lack of sleep put me in a foul mood for something that was already going to try my patience enormously. After the 2 hour drive we got to the state park and checked in. The people attending the LARP were all exceedingly friendly. Especially a couple of US army soldiers who were using part of their Leave to attend this thing.. one having driven 14 hours to get there. Unfortunatly not everyone in the cabin we were sharing with the Soldiers were quite so accomodating. As we soon met the remainder of our room mates.. a group who some how travels around to dozens of LARPs a month taking part in them.. a LARP Troupe I guess.. They didn't understand that the cabins were first come first serve.. and didn't like it that the 5 of us who got their on time wouldn't move to the other side of the cabin so they could erect their partitions.. bad things will come from this.

Will continue with Weapons Check and the first "Adventure" tommorow.

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