Thursday, March 4, 2010

level 50 dark dwarf.. AIIIIGGGHHHEEEEE!!!!!!

So that about brings us up to the big main event. The Saturday night event, or as J.R. from the WWF would have said .. A real Slobberknocker of a fight. I came to the conclusion over the weekend that, essentially if real re-enactment groups were Technical Wrestling, and the SCA was Professional Wrestling.. then LARP would be Backyard Wrestling.. but with fewer trips to the emergency room.

so after a two hour break on Saturday for a " Reset" everyone is gathered together in the tavern where a few of the lords or ladies expostulate about the state of the world in which our characters in habit. Some of these people are good actors, others stutter and stumble their way through. But essentially we were told that, a dark lord was bringing an army of dark dwarfs to destroy the world of men and only we few, we happy few, could stand in their way. All well and good I suppose for the players who had been to 3 or 4 dozen events and were in the high 30's or low 40's level wise.. but for me.. this was the worst bit of the entire evening being level 3.

all the noobs were told to stay on the porch of the tavern, to bring new beanbags and what not to the higher level players. I talked to a few interesting characters, but over all it was kind of dull. Eventually went inside to help with the tavern-kitchen (out of play area) for a bit, had a cup of coffee after washing some flat surfaces, and came back outside. But before I could even get outside of the tavern's front door, I was confronted by a dwarf. I didn't last very long, needless to say. So after that it was off to the healers guild. 10 minutes later I was stuck on the wrong side of the battlefield and couldn't get back to the tavern. Though I did try a few times, every time being slain and winding up back at the healers.

After my life tag was depleted down to just 1 remaining (at 0 you gotta make a new character) I decided to say screw it and went to bed.

Sunday morning we did a bit more monstering, had french toast sticks at the tavern and then about noon Left and came home. To totally crown off the weekend from hell, by 3 or 4 pm I was feeling a bit stuffy, by 9pm I had a sore throat. and on Monday morning I had a full blown head cold which I've been battling for the whole week.

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