Thursday, March 18, 2010

Final Fantasy XII

So Final Fantasy 13 was recently released, and now all my friends have seemingly vanished from the face of the earth.

I'll admit to having been on the fence about this one, I've not had much luck with JRPG's of late. The last one I truly enjoyed was the remake of Final Fantasy 3 for the duel screen. And before that it was Final Fantasy 9. The last one I finished was FF10, FF11 I ignored due to it being a rather half ass'd MMORPG, and 12 I started and have yet to finish.

FF10, felt to me as if it was too dependent on Quicktime events and FMV's.. and atrocious voices for the US release. It was also incredibly frustrating.

I gave Lost Odyssey a try on the 360, In fact it was the whole reason I bought a X-box 360.. What a mistake that was. It was over long, flatly acted and featured what must have been a small novel's worth of text scrolls you had to read through to have any idea what was going on. Had it been my choice, I think the game company should have released them as a novel, and been done with it. But I suppose that's clever marketing for you, they had me because they used Jefferson Airplane on the TV Commercial.

I own Last Remnant, but have yet to actually start playing that one. Opting to save it for a rainy day.

I understand that Final Fantasy 14 is going to be another MMORPG.. I'm not sure How I feel about it. But if its as flat and lifeless as Final Fantasy 11, I'm going to stick with World of Warcraft.

If I had to rate the Final Fantasy Games that I've played, It would be something like this.

1 Being the highest

1) Final Fantasy 4
2) Final Fantasy 1
3) Final Fantasy 3 (DS remake)
4) Final Fantasy 7
5) Final Fantasy 9
6) Final Fantasy 5
7) Final Fantasy 6
8) Final Fantasy 2
9) Final Fantasy 8
10) Final Fantasy 12
11) Final Fantasy 10
12) Final Fantasy 11

So where 13 will fall in that list, remains to be seen.

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