Friday, March 12, 2010

James Bowman.. Who? Never heard of 'im.

Seriously.. Who is he and why does he seem to think hes important enough to tell me what is and isn't art?

Just got done surfing over to where they have a link up to some site called "TheAmericanCulture" (What? You mean we have culture.. maybe thats what we keep hidden in Area 51..) And he's decided that since hes feeling a bit lonely and wants a bit of attention, He would lash out at those dastardly Fantasy authors who peddle un-realistic smut to fog our senses from paying attention to all those social issues and wars and famines and stuff that make up " The Real World ".. None of which is ART, no sir, no way no how, Definitely NOT ART.

Here is the deal, James, I'll continue to count you among the people who have absolutely no bearing on anything remotely resembling something worth saying in this miserable hate infested world you want us to confronted with at all times. And you can go back to sniftering your brandy and chortling over the illustrated comedy squares in your new issue of the New Yorker, and in exchange you will leave the rest of us alone to continue to try and keep our sanity by diving selectively into the various pools of Fantasy.

Or we can play a game of who's the biggest narcissistic entitled jerk. I'd win, and then you'd be sad and then I'd have to listen to your mom whining about how I made you cry and quite frankly I just don't have the time for that sort of stuff.


Gabriele C. said...

Well, I'll be a happy camper if I never have to read another Literary Novel about some character sitting in a pub and rambling internal monologues about his fucked up sex life, the money he doesn't have, his controlling mother who's responsible for his fucked up sex life, and his father who's for some reason the reader can never figure out responsible for the character's lack of money.

No, give me some sword wielding barbarican chopping his way through a horde of trolls, that's a lot more fun. Because those get the girl in the end. :)

Lagomorph Rex said...

Absolutely, I can't do the moaning snowflake type of stuff.. Real life is depressing enough, I don't want it to encroach into my entertainment.